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All About Dance Sensors

I'd like to use this page to compile all of the information we have on dance/step sensors (also sometimes called a floor switch). The cost and availability of sensors seems to vary from ~$4 to ~$25 per sensor. At 4 sensors per panel, this can be a pretty substantial cost. In my opinion, its worth it to research other options because retrofitting cheaper DDR sensors for your ITG/PIU machine vs stock ones could be the difference of a few hundred dollars!

Sensor Dissection Video

Mad Matt does a great job of explaining how a sensor works and some common problems they have and why they misbehave. This is a good place to start.


Sensor Differences and Similarities

0039012025 Molex connector for ITG/PIU sensors. Thanks Lara =)
YLR-02V connector for DDR sensors.

Dance Dance Revolution sensors for generation 1 machines use part #0000055671. In The Groove 2 and Pump It Up use part #MELE0SEN003. The sensors are similar in length (I believe DDR ones might be slightly shorter) and function exactly the same.


The only difference between the two are the connectors. DDR has a larger connector with a clip where ITG/PIU sensors are a smaller molex 0039012025 connector that's easier to connect and disconnect. It is possible to use DDR sensors on ITG/PIU and vice-versa by splicing wires as the only thing that differs between them from a wiring standpoint is the connector. It is also possible to fit ITG/PIU sensors into the standard DDR sensor connector with a little effort. Some have mentioned that they are going to try and convert ITG/PIU pads to using a YLR-02V connector which would allow you to use everything plug and play. Hope we can see a tutorial on that soon! FIXME

Quality and Availability

Anecdotal reports say stock ITG/PIU sensors are slightly better quality and more sensitive than DDR sensors. DDR sensors seem to be slightly easier to source since DDR is more popular in Northern America and In The Groove is now defunct.

Sources of Sensors

Now the fun part. Where can you actually buy sensors and how much do they cost?

Source Product Name Type Price
Arcade Spare Parts DDR Floor Switch DDR Generic $9.00
Arcade Spare Parts Pump It Up Floor Switch ITG/PIU Generic $9.00
Arcade Spare Parts Pump It Up Foot Sensor ITG/PIU Andamiro $18.50
HappmartDDR Floor Sensor SwitchDDR Generic$4.30
Channel BeatDDR Floor SensorsDDR Konami? FIXME$9.44
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