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Arcade Machines

Custom Setups

  • Aesthetic Upgrades
  • Functional Upgrades
  • Environmental Upgrades
  • Build Your Own


  • Simfiles
  • Courses
  • SM 3.95/ITG/oITG
  • SM 3.9
  • SM 5

Owning Machines


Welcome to the Rhythm Arcade Game Wiki

Site Under Reconstruction

This project was started to bring together the knowledge of rhythm game enthusiasts from all over, and compile it in one place. If you have any advice, know-how, photos or anything else you'd like to contribute to this wiki, please feel free! We are working to organize this site and provide the most comprehensive database of arcade rhythm game knowledge possible.


Please pay attention to how we are categorizing articles. You can read about namespaces here. Please reference the sidebar nav. Those are properly categorized with namespaces. I'll start moving content over to those pages.


We'll have to think about how we want to categorize the articles and which articles we should have. But to start, maybe an overview with some technical detail on the In The Groove and Dance Dance Revolution arcade units.

Article Spotlight

Let's use this section to highlight articles that are new, well written, or newly flushed out.

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